1998 my son Brenden asked if he could race BMX. We went to the local BMX track to check out the races.We both noticed there was older racers competing. I went to talk to those racers. They were competing in the 51/55 yr old cruiser class. My son said "dad you can come and race with me" I haven't been on a BMX bike in 20 years. The things dad will do to hang out with his son. Brenden was 12 and I was 36. We had a lot of fun racing BMX together. I was hooked racing BMX and riding bicycles. I decided to quit working in the ceramic tile industry. Cash in my 401k and open a bicycle shop in the Oceanside Valley.

 12/7/2001 we opened Omega Bicycles. After Brenden graduated high school he started working here. Over the years Brenden worked here and other jobs while going to back to school. 

 2011 Brenden decided to join the Army. My wife and I were very proud to see a 3rd generation wearing a military uniform. After basic training, Brenden was assigned to 1st Squadron 4th Cavalry Regiment B troop attached to the Big Red One out of Ft Riley KS. Brenden came home on leave 12/17/11. It was so good having him home. He was proud to be a Cavalry Scout. On 12/20/11 I got a call from Brenden's lieutenant back at Fort Riley. He informed me Brenden had died in a car accident. I thought someone was playing a bad joke on me. It wasn't a joke our only child had died in a car accident. Brenden was only 25. My wife and I where devastated to say the least. Brenden was laid to rest with full military honors at Mira Mar National Cemetery. 

 The drive I had running the Shop had gone. I knew Brenden would want the shop to keep serving our community. It hasn't been a easy road for us. God Speed!

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BMX Daddy says... (Reply)
"Thank you for sharing your story. " (2/21/17)
Ray Mitchell says... (Reply)
"My heart goes out to you. What a great son. My tribute to you. " (5/9/18)
Mark Castro says... (Reply)
"Ray Thank You for reading our story. It's not a easy road my wife and must journey without our son. I walk with my head up, shoulders back and a tear in my eyes. Semper Fi" (5/9/18)
Nelson L Quirsola Luciano Jr. says... (Reply)
"May your son R.I.P. from a old Marine Semper Fi and God bless your Familia!" (7/6/19)